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Hello, we're new to the group & want to say, ".Hello." We are trying o buy a new washer/dryer combo..the small one that does both. We saw some online but need some feedback Plz. :)

Richard and Kim

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I did some reach on these when we first bought the toyhauler and from what I found, the stackable ones work best. However, to save space and pin weight (as ours would be in our front closet), the vented combo is better then the ventless combo. From the reviews I've read, the vented one dries faster and doesn't put the moisture back into the coach. It's also recommended that you install a drip pan under the unit to catch any water that may come from the combo.

As far as brand? The Splendide WD2100XC and WD2000XC (last model) has great reviews.

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